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Ideas For Events & Flower Collections Nearing Autumn

Seun A

It is well known that flowers have the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face; besides beautifying our gardens and the trees and plants surrounding our houses, they also beautify everything from our living to work spaces. They can be arranged in many different methods, for example, in the form of a bouquet, gift basket, sympathy basket, custom wedding flower arrangement, etc.

There are various types of flowers available, however, not all flowers are available throughout the entirety of the year. Let us consider how there are four main seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Flowers of a vast variety are closely bound to these seasons and we can expect to see unique collections in relation to the seasons as they pass. There a few flowers that do break this rule, though, like the Lily, Asiatic Lily, Gerbera Daisy.

Autumn or late Summer (the season of fall) is an especially great time to summon the refreshing and joyous nature of flowers. This is when we can witness many different and colorful varieties blooming throughout the world. The fact that the leaves also change and look their best during this season make our gardens and bouquets look especially beautiful and charming. Autumn is also when the crops harvest in the southern hemisphere, hence Autumn is often known as the season of 'primary harvest.' Flowers like Gerbera Daisy, Lily, Orchid, Sunflower are quite commonly found during this season.

Fall Flower Arrangements In Nature

As mentioned earlier, during Autumn we get to witness a colorful display of flowers; some consider this season the best time of the year for our gardens and other foliage spaces. The trees, even, change color and add to the scenic beauty. New York, the green space that it is, goes by the nickname the Big Apple and is famous for not only it’s skyscrapers, the huge pizza slices, & other things, but for its bountiful natural settings dispersed amongst an urban landscape. What many people do not know, though, is that New York is also one of the best places in the world during the fall season and because of such beautiful green spaces and gardens. Here is a short list of the places one must visit during the fall in New York for a unique and special feast of flowers and colorful trees.

  • Brooklyn Botanical garden

  • Buffalo and Erie Country Botanical Garden

  • Highland Botanical Park

  • Clark Botanic Garden

  • New York Botanical Garden

  • Queens Botanical Garden

Popular Flower Arrangements

It is truly amazing how flowers can be arranged in so many different ways to form unique floral designs. Such arrangements can be used to beautify many things, including domestic areas like one's house; consider these custom flower arrangements as they are very popular during special occasions that occur during the Fall season. Here is a short list of them:

  • Fan Flower Shaped arrangements: This type of arrangement happens to be one of the most common types. This is made possible by arranging the flowers in the shape of a fan. This type of arrangement also makes use of leaves which are arranged in such a manner that they appear to be the blades of a fan.

  • Elliptical Flower Arrangements: As the name suggests, the flowers are arranged in the form of an ellipse. Flowers like Sunflowers, Dahlia, Tuberoses, and Lilies are mainly used for this type of arrangement, although there are many others that can be used.

  • The ‘S’ Shaped flower arrangement: A flower arrangement in the shape of ‘S’ that takes the form of bouquets and baskets. This type of arrangement is usually bigger compared to the other ones due to the shape and design. This type of arrangement stands out and turns many heads.

  • The Cascade Flower Arrangement: This too is a stunning flower arrangement that is quite bountiful in size. Several flowers are used along with their leaves and even the stem to make this arrangement possible, in addition to which green grass is used to give it a bushy appearance. This type of appearance is very popular during wedding ceremonies and even wedding anniversaries. This is very popular all over the world due the bright colors and lovely fragrance.

  • Oval Shaped Flower Arrangement: The Oval arrangement is one of the most favorite arrangement of many florists. They trim the flowers and their stem along with the leaves in order to make an oval shaped design with the flowers. This can be in the form of a basket, bouquet or even bunches. This arrangement is popular for the purpose of interior decoration.

  • Triangular Arrangement: The flowers need to be cut and trimmed to achieve the shape of a triangle. Ideally, this will be a series of large flowers in the center and a parallel set of smaller ones surrounding it.  Typically, this type of arrangement takes the form of a bouquet of bright flowers covered with glossy, transparent films of paper.


Flowers To The Rescue

Flowers have been historically used for decoration and this dates back well before the 17th century; even the ancient Greeks garnished brides and grooms with fantastic garlands around their necks and heads. These garnishings were symbolic of new life - they can be symbolic for you too! Such traditions are still followed to some extent. In this sense we can consider how flowers are still used extensively during weddings and the number of special emotions and sentiments they symbolize. From special floral arrangements to decoration of wedding areas, they are found in organized arrangements in order to elicit sentimental values. Besides this, brides are known to make use of flowers along with their wedding dress as well. The grooms and brides maids also often carry wonderful flowers down the aisle, distributing good scents in order to set the tone and mood for such special occasions.

It is also believed that there was a unique “flower language” in Turkey prior to the 17th Century. This began by lovers making uses of flowers to send messages and later became known as ‘Florigraphy’. You can make special use of florigraphy too in order to show your loved ones how much you admire them!

Columbia Midtown Florist For Late Summer and Autumn Flowers

Columbia Midtown Florist is a popular florist in the magical city of New York. We are known especially for same day delivery in Manhattan. We not only offer the best quality arrangements, we also have flowers for every occasion. On top of that, we make special arrangements for weddings and other sentimental, once in a lifetime occasions. It is our attention to detail with such fantastic flower arrangements that makes us so successful and popular with locals; we have  flowers for absolutely any of our client's unique requirements. Some of our most popular services are as follows:

  • Flowers for Weddings

  • Flowers for Corporate Occasions

  • Special Event flowers

  • Baby Flowers

  • All White Arrangements

  • Bouquets

    Contact us today if you need a truly imaginative and passionate florist to cater to your every flower need!

3 Floral Design Ideas For Your Wedding

Seun A

Wedding season is here and every bride and groom wants the perfect wedding with the perfect decor. Well, you’re in luck because your favorite NYC florist is here to share some amazing wedding floral arrangements that will add some flare to your wedding festivities. From centerpieces to church decor and even apparel, the right flower arrangement enhances the feel and aura of your wedding.

Church Pew’s


Beautifully done wedding church pew decorations will make the church look not just stunning, but magical. The pews can be decorated in a very elegant manner for a reasonable price, which is what most couples are searching for today. Churches are the most traditional and ideal venue to have a wedding for most. Church wedding decorations are a little tricky because you don’t want it to be too overwhelming, but at the same time, a subtle elegance is definitely needed. Adding some flowers and ribbons to church pews are great for setting the tone for any wedding. Arranging this is not as costly as you might think, and it goes a long way from a presentation standpoint.

Floral Apparel

Boutonnière is the French word for “buttonhole”. It is is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. The flower itself is often a carnation, of which the most formal is white. The classic alternative is the one in clove red. Other colors and flowers may also be chosen to better coordinate with whatever else is being worn, such as a blue cornflower. A white gardenia is sometimes seen as a superior alternative to carnations given its scent and beauty.



Usually all the fashion talk at weddings is centered around the bride’s wedding dress, and maybe some attention is given to the bridesmaids. With that being said, your favorite New York florist is ready to divert some of that attention to the grooms and groomsmen by updating their outfits with some floral decorations. These boutonnieres go with whatever style is desired; from orchestrating vivid and vibrant colors into suits, to even a simple and elegant approach. Overall, these tiny flowers add a lot flash to a groom’s suit. While worn frequently in the past, boutonnières are now usually reserved for special occasions for which formal wear is standard, such as: proms, homecomings, funerals and weddings.

Center Piece

Center pieces are a major part of the decoration for a wedding reception with flowers being the most popular form of center pieces. Weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, anniversary parties and birthdays often have some form of center piece. The right center piece could completely alter the feel of your wedding. At Columbia Midtown Florist, we have ton of choices as far as center piece variants and we will work with you to customize your ideal floral center piece. Center pieces have always been an important element for wedding decor, so we want to make sure our clients have as many options as possible.

Columbia Midtown Florist offers various options, our designers have floral concepts for small cocktail tables to grand dinner tables. Feel free to visit us, or call us at (212)-871-8758 to customize the perfect centerpiece that coincides with your wedding theme.


Whether you are in need of a florist near the Upper East Side, or a flower shop near SOHO, we cater to all of NYC and we even offer same day delivery at a great price to accommodate any last minute requests. Be sure to visit our page at to browse our catalog. We look forward to making your wedding experience the most magical moment in your lives!

Columbia Midtown Florist’s Top 10 Spring Floral Arrangements

Afzal Agwan

Spring is here and the city is full of colors everywhere you look. Columbia Midtown Florist is the home to unique and vibrant floral designs. Here is our list of “Top 10 Spring Floral Arrangements”, brought to you by your favorite flower shop in NYC!

10.  Pure Perfection

The Pure Perfection is among the most elegant of orchids and the Phalaenopsis is one of the most passionately cultivated flowers. There is a simplistic beauty about this floral design which is what makes this a popular Spring purchase. The Pure                                                                                   Perfection arrangement is made up of 5                                                                           plants with double cascading stems in                                                                             marvelous blooms planted in a ceramic                                                                           container and specially decorated with                                                                           seasonal branches.

9. Yellow Mini Orchids

Yellow Mini Orchids are a truly unique design. It is made up of three plants of yellow mini orchids arranged in rectangular moss lined container, decorated with seasonal branches. This abstract design is a very popular Spring buy, Click Here to check out                                                                                 some more vibrant orchids!

8. Sensations of Spring

The Sensations of Spring are a Columbia Midtown Florist classic that captures all the traditional elements of a Spring floral arrangement. This arrangement is composed of an adorable collection of Spring flowers: hyacinths, tulips and ranunculus arranged in leave lined cylinder glass                                                                               container.


Modern, clean design of pink calla lilies and ranunculus adorned with a twist of still grass in a glass vase. This arrangement gets a lot of attention due to the name but people soon get lost in the vibrancy of the pink callas. The MOMA takes our number 7 spot on our                                                                           list of top Spring floral arrangements!

6. Park Avenue

The Park Avenue captures that feeling of strolling down Park Ave on a beautiful Spring day. Park Avenue is a wide New York City boulevard which carries north and southbound traffic in the borough of Manhattan, it's most beautiful in Spring time with thousands of tulips and other flowers bursting in                                                                                the coordinated color scheme.This                                                                                  arrangement includes tulips, hyacinths,                                                                            ranunculus, peach roses and green                                                                                  hydrangea with viburnum to represent                                                                            the awakening beauty of nature in the                                                                              City, that always in change. 

5. Joy of Spring

The number 5 spot goes to the Joy of Spring , this design captures some Spring favorites and is arranged perfectly. This flower arrangement designed with most trendy flowers of spring: peonies, lilac, tulips, bright green hydrangea, and dianthus. It's a                                                                               true celebration of reborn of nature and                                                                           new beginnings.

4. Timeless Tulips

These Timeless Tulips scream elegance and that is just what they are. This arrangement is composed of 50 stems of tulips spirally designed to perfection in white ceramic 5'x5' cube. Colors may vary, by your personal choice. Please take a look at the                                                                                        variants, but the all white sure does                                                                                  look amazing doesn't it?

3. Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is one of most prestigious entertainment places in our location.This vibrant arrangement of reds and burgundies with sprouting spring branches in rustic birch container dedicated to dance and celebration of new beginnings. It contains only novelty exotic and spring flowers, as Mokara orchids, roses,                                                                                   anemones, Ranunculus.

Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue located in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Its nickname is the Showplace of the Nation, and it was for a time the leading tourist destination in the city. Its interior was declared a city landmark in 1978. It is notable as being the headquarters for the precision dance company, the Rockettes.

2. Spring Blooms with Lotus Pods

Novelty pink tulips, ranunculus, white lysianthus, green viburnum, arranged with pods of Lotus. Lotus flower brings success and prosperity all year round to one it was given, but because, it won't last in a vase arrangement, we created fields of blooming Lotus with                                                                               different flowers, that would last for                                                                                   enjoyment and absolutely for a good                                                                                luck. The Spring Blooms with Lotus                                                                                 Pods grab our number 2 spot for our                                                                               top Spring floral arrangements list.

 1. Spring Fields

First place goes to Spring Fields, this floral design fully captures all the Spring flowers and colors in one arrangement. This arrangement will add a pop of color to any space. It is composed of beautiful grape hyacinths, tulips, green hydrangeas, freesia and daffodils.

Our list of Top Spring Floral Arrangement’s is complete but there are many more Spring options, be sure to check out our entire Spring Collection! 

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