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Hurricane Relief Support



Hurricane Harvey has left a path of destruction for Texas residents. Many are stranded and homeless trying to survive in its wake. Rainfall topped 50 inches in some areas, devastating areas from Houston all the way to Louisiana.  “Our whole city is underwater,” Derrick Freeman, the mayor of Port Arthur, Tex., said last Wednesday. 

As the rain and wind from the devastating storm moved on, the region is still continuing to suffer. For example, a chemical plant has exploded, leaving many hazardous materials and waste in the floodwaters. 


Throughout the regions affected by the storms, Habitat for Humanity has local organizations working to help those in need. With their help and the help of anyone who is privileged enough to help, Habitat For Humanity is assessing the shelter and housing needs and developing response plans and options.

Long-term plans will be determined after their evaluations and will depend heavily on the level of support we receive from donors, volunteers, corporate partners and other community organizations.


You can help your fellow American citizens.

  • 10% of all profits made through Sep. 30 will be donated directly to helping those whose lives have been uprooted and destroyed by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.
  • People in situations like this rely on people like you, their fellow American citizens,in such dire times of need like this.

Imagine if your entire life and homestead were suddenly destroyed - how would you bounce back from such a catastrophic event? Support from people all over the country is needed to help afflicted areas get back on their feet. When New York recovered from Hurricane Sandy, it was because of donations from kind hearts who understood the positive impact their contributions actually make. As a New Yorker, you can show your gratitude by giving back to Harvey Victims now. 

Habitat For Humanity

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