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3 West 51st Street
New York, NY, 10019

(212) 871-8758

Orchid Boutique Collection

Everyone loves to receive orchids, especially from a quality flower boutique. Finding botanicals of this quality is hard in the city. We offer unique pieces suited to the individual; you do not have to travel to acquire exotic pieces like this that come from all over the world! Place an order with us now and let your friends and lovers enjoy the radiant natural beauty that comes along with premium flowers from our boutique orchid collection.


Lucky_Orchids copy.jpg
Lucky_Orchids copy.jpg



Columbia Florist's Lucky Orchids are small in size and are actually mini Orchids. These are special plants that require “small” of everything if you get the drift. From setting them up in a special small to making sure you give it less water and less fertilizer, everything is ‘less’ or ‘small’. It is usually fine to check the water every 10 days for a Lucky Orchid in a small pot. At the same time, it is simple to just check if the soil is moist in the pot and if so do not water it.

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