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Welcome to Columbia Midtown Florist Blog Section. Here is where you'll find a monthly topic in relation to floral arrangements, tips, and advice on how to enhance your home with a great floral arrangement.


Seun A

Winter is here. Summer has come and  gone and with it, it’s dazzling array of summer flowers. In this post, we will be discussing some of the amazing winter based floral arrangements that you can try this holiday season. You will be surprised to find more floral selections than you think.

                 Top 5 Winter Floral Arrangements


Make your place look fresh and elegant with this arrangement inspired by the shades of winter sky. Here is all you have to do to get this look:
1. Select your vase and choose gleaming metallic material to uplift the subtle colors of flowers or choose a wooden vase to give the authentic look.
2. Start with an ornamental plant which should seems to be covered with snow or should have a layer of white over it. The idea of choosing this type of plant is that it appears to be covered in the dust of snowflakes, which gives a beautiful effect that fits the theme.
3. To give the structure to the arrangement, add the sprigs of different plants, along with leaves of white pine if available.              

4. Lastly, add some more leaves for depth to finish the look.

Winter Wonderland.jpeg


For a decent and elegant look; this exclusively prepared floral arrangement will work the best. For this look, we will again start with some ornamental plants as a base for the touch of winter and include light pink king flower-rose and some crazy mauve colored blossoms. To break the soft touch, we will add some of the plant sprigs. Also, along with these, add little sheer cloth to the vase to enhance the floral beauty.The contrasting pink and mauve with the hint of green and white completes this delicate look.      

Always Forever.jpeg


All-white floral arrangements express a sense of longevity. The simplicity and elegance can be achieved with beautiful white roses with a hint of some light pink selections. Add some more white flowers with blooming petals. Top it off with dusty miller for the perfect all white look.

image4 (3).jpeg


If you have wedding bells ringing this winter, get yourself this beautiful white colored theme bouquet/arrangement. With mesmerizing milky white roses wrapped in a white satin ribbon with some sprigs, you will get the ultimate wedding flower decoration. You can add a little colour with pink roses to break the monotony. It is  easy to make and gives you a look which cannot go unnoticed for the attendees.

centerpiece (1).jpg


This holiday, give your place a fun decoration with flowers which can be affordable and the best decoration you would ever have. Pure white roses and the cherry red berries popping out will make everyone go crazy foryourdecoration and help put them in the holiday spirit.

Jingle Bells.jpeg

Columbia Midtown Florist is your one stop shop for quality winter floral decorations. We have a wide range of floral bouquets, holiday collections and seasonal collections for events, weddings, funerals and corporate events or places. Regardless of the venue, you name it and we serve it. We are a family owned business  based in New York City that has been around for many years. Visit us any time in our Manhattan location or you can order online at and get same day delivery in NYC.

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